Playing Nice With Others: The Ghost of George Halas Link Dump

A quick look at news from around the NFL

  •  Rich Eisen sneaks in poop jokes. – Real Clear Sports
  • Are the Bears quarterback woes a result of bad quarterbacks or the franchise’s inability to develop wide receivers?  – FanHouse
  • The guys from The Dugout have branched out to the NFL.  – Deadspin
  • It’s not Reggie Bush’s fault he sucks.   It’s the NFL’s.  – 100% Injury Rate
  • Kyle Orton’s return won’t mean much for the Bears.  – Foul Balls
  • Roddy White has an interesting t-shirt collection.  – Kissing Suzy Kolber

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Mmmmm…Fried Chicken

I know that this blog is for the Bears only, but I couldn’t help but mention Michael Vick at least once. You see, Vick is going to be spending the next two years in prison for killing dogs.Former St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little killed a woman in a drunk driving accident, and got community service. Vick gets two years for killing dogs.

You have to love this country.

Anyway, this is Bears related because all the talk now is about will Vick have a shot to get back in the NFL when he gets out of prison in 2009. Since the Bears won’t have a quarterback by then-they haven’t had one in 75 years, why should I expect them to have one in three?-they’ll probably be one of the teams mentioned when it comes to signing Vick.

The biggest roadblock between Vick and a return to the NFL though? Well, if you ask Falcons owner Arthur Blank, it’s all that fried chicken!!

Yeah, Art, maybe Michael will remember to stick to watermelon and hot sauce.

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Your Newest Bear: Jimmy Kennedy

With all the injuries at defensive tackle that have resulted in Antonio Garay and Anthony Adams being placed on IR, and now the latest injury to Darwin Walker‘s elbow, you kinda figured the Bears would have to sign somebody to play this weekend.

They have, and it’s former Penn State Nittany Lion, and St. Louis Rams first round pick Jimmy Kennedy.

The Bears signed 6-foot-4-inch defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy to the active roster Tuesday to help fill a void with season-ending injuries to Anthony Adams and Antonio Garay.

Kennedy, who played under Lovie Smith with St. Louis Rams, was a first-round pick of the Rams in 2003 and former teammate of Adams’ at Penn State. He was traded from the Rams to the Denver Broncos before this season, then released by the Broncos in September.

Great! Lovie went and signed himself another former player who had a modicum of success under him! That worked out so well with Adam Archuleta!

This team is so fucked.

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Bear Dumping In The Woods

It’s time to make some friends!

  • If you hadn’t heard yet, Mike Vick is no longer just a black quarterback.   He’s a black quarterback in jail. –Foul Balls
  • Just how generous is Da Coach really being? – USA Today
  • It isn’t really a week in the NFL without MJD’s Smorgasbord.  – Deadspin
  • Going through a tough time right now?   There’s no problem a drunk Joe Namath can’t solve!  – Kissing Suzy Kolber
  • There are probably a few high school teams who are insulted by this.  – FanHouse

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Bears Already Looking For Orton’s Replacement

The Bears just officially named Kyle Orton their starter a few hours ago, and already the search for next year’s quarterback has begun. You see, the words Kyle and Orton don’t generate much confidence when placed together.

According to Ryan Wilson over at FanHouse, Donovan McNabb and Derek Anderson are atop the Bears wish list.

…the Bears should keep an eye on the Donovan McNabb situation in Philadelphia. Who knows how this will play out, but just because Grossman put up a 82.1 passer rating over the last month is not reason enough to re-sign him.

That said, I think acquiring Anderson is way too expensive, and it’s important to remember why he’s having so much success: the Browns’ offensive line is doing an unbelievable job in pass protection. McNabb, while still a good NFL quarterback, looks like he could turn into Steve McNair any second. McNair came to the Ravens last season after a prodigious career with Houston/Tennessee, but old age and injuries caught up to him. And now, his career could be over.

This is our future?

Donovan McNabb is no longer Donovan McNabb, and coming home to Chicago to play behind this shittastic offensive line isn’t going to make him any fucking better. He’d last six plays in this town before he broke his leg in 15 different places.

I don’t mind Derek Anderson so much, but Ryan is right, he’s playing behind an offensive line that does an incredible job in pass protection. He’ll cost too much money, which means the Bears probably wouldn’t be able to hold onto Lance Briggs, and they won’t have as much to spend on other areas.

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Walking Wounded: Bears Place Two More On IR

Let’s see, here’s a quick list of some Bears that have been placed on injured reserve so far this season.

Mike Brown

Cedric Benson

Dan Bazuin

Ruben Brown

Dusty Dvoracek

And those are just to name a few. Still, those five won’t be getting lonely anytime soon because they have two new friends coming to join them! They are going to have a fucking party on IR this weekend.

Antonio Garay and Anthony Adams were both placed on IR today.

Bears defensive tackles Anthony Adams (elbow) and Antonio Garay (ankle) were placed on injured reserve Monday, ending their seasons.

See? I wasn’t lying to you.

What’s totally fucked about this is that both Adams and Garay are defensive tackles. Defensive tackles that had already been filling in for injured starters like Dusty Dvoracek and Tommie Harris. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a strong possibility that Darwin Walker won’t be able to play this week as well.

The Bears currently only have 51 players on the active roster, two below the 53 player maximum.

Kinda makes you wish the Bears wouldn’t have been stupid enough to let Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott walk away, or that they weren’t so harsh with Tank Johnson.

The way the Bears defense plays against the run, I’d let Tank Johnson rape my mother before shooting her in the face as long as he could make a fucking tackle.

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Welcome The Era Of Orton

It wasn’t exactly a shocking move, but the Bears made it official today and announced that Kyle Orton will be taking over for the injured Rex Grossman at quarterback this Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings.

Orton, 25, started 15 games for the Bears as a rookie in 2005, after Grossman was injured but has not thrown a pass in the nearly two full seasons since. He did pilot Chicago to an eight-game winning streak in 2005 and led the Bears to a division title.

“I’m a better player now than I was as a rookie,” Orton told Chicago-area reporters on Monday afternoon. “If I play well and win football games, it will be my job. This is the most excited I’ve been, and I look forward to the game. I’m just a better player [now].”

Well, fuck, Kyle. You couldn’t get much worse could you?

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