Welcome The Era Of Orton

It wasn’t exactly a shocking move, but the Bears made it official today and announced that Kyle Orton will be taking over for the injured Rex Grossman at quarterback this Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings.

Orton, 25, started 15 games for the Bears as a rookie in 2005, after Grossman was injured but has not thrown a pass in the nearly two full seasons since. He did pilot Chicago to an eight-game winning streak in 2005 and led the Bears to a division title.

“I’m a better player now than I was as a rookie,” Orton told Chicago-area reporters on Monday afternoon. “If I play well and win football games, it will be my job. This is the most excited I’ve been, and I look forward to the game. I’m just a better player [now].”

Well, fuck, Kyle. You couldn’t get much worse could you?

Yeah, you won 10 games as a starter for the Bears back in 2005, but it had nothing to do with you. That Bears team won games based on their defense and special teams. Just like now. In fact, you were better known for your love of Chicago’s late night atmosphere more than for your play.

Still, what other choice do the Bears have right now? The season is basically done with, and the only thing left to play for is pride.

What the fuck is the point in that? Who needs pride when you’re getting paid $2 million a year?

Besides, have you seen the Bears play lately? Did you see the Redskins game? Where was the pride in that game?

So Orton takes over, and I pray he loses. Not because I don’t like Kyle, quite the contrary actually. If he wants to go out and do some shots of Jack Daniels he should feel free to give me a call.

I want the Bears to lose so they can get a better draft pick going into next season. There are a million glaring holes on this team, including quarterback, running back, defensive line, and the most important hole, the offensive line.

The worse we do the better shot we have at filling one of those holes right out of the gate for next season.

(Thanks to Foul Balls for breaking the story.)


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