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Mmmmm…Fried Chicken

I know that this blog is for the Bears only, but I couldn’t help but mention Michael Vick at least once. You see, Vick is going to be spending the next two years in prison for killing dogs.Former St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little killed a woman in a drunk driving accident, and got community service. Vick gets two years for killing dogs.

You have to love this country.

Anyway, this is Bears related because all the talk now is about will Vick have a shot to get back in the NFL when he gets out of prison in 2009. Since the Bears won’t have a quarterback by then-they haven’t had one in 75 years, why should I expect them to have one in three?-they’ll probably be one of the teams mentioned when it comes to signing Vick.

The biggest roadblock between Vick and a return to the NFL though? Well, if you ask Falcons owner Arthur Blank, it’s all that fried chicken!!

Yeah, Art, maybe Michael will remember to stick to watermelon and hot sauce.

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