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Bears Already Looking For Orton’s Replacement

The Bears just officially named Kyle Orton their starter a few hours ago, and already the search for next year’s quarterback has begun. You see, the words Kyle and Orton don’t generate much confidence when placed together.

According to Ryan Wilson over at FanHouse, Donovan McNabb and Derek Anderson are atop the Bears wish list.

…the Bears should keep an eye on the Donovan McNabb situation in Philadelphia. Who knows how this will play out, but just because Grossman put up a 82.1 passer rating over the last month is not reason enough to re-sign him.

That said, I think acquiring Anderson is way too expensive, and it’s important to remember why he’s having so much success: the Browns’ offensive line is doing an unbelievable job in pass protection. McNabb, while still a good NFL quarterback, looks like he could turn into Steve McNair any second. McNair came to the Ravens last season after a prodigious career with Houston/Tennessee, but old age and injuries caught up to him. And now, his career could be over.

This is our future?

Donovan McNabb is no longer Donovan McNabb, and coming home to Chicago to play behind this shittastic offensive line isn’t going to make him any fucking better. He’d last six plays in this town before he broke his leg in 15 different places.

I don’t mind Derek Anderson so much, but Ryan is right, he’s playing behind an offensive line that does an incredible job in pass protection. He’ll cost too much money, which means the Bears probably wouldn’t be able to hold onto Lance Briggs, and they won’t have as much to spend on other areas.

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