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Walking Wounded: Bears Place Two More On IR

Let’s see, here’s a quick list of some Bears that have been placed on injured reserve so far this season.

Mike Brown

Cedric Benson

Dan Bazuin

Ruben Brown

Dusty Dvoracek

And those are just to name a few. Still, those five won’t be getting lonely anytime soon because they have two new friends coming to join them! They are going to have a fucking party on IR this weekend.

Antonio Garay and Anthony Adams were both placed on IR today.

Bears defensive tackles Anthony Adams (elbow) and Antonio Garay (ankle) were placed on injured reserve Monday, ending their seasons.

See? I wasn’t lying to you.

What’s totally fucked about this is that both Adams and Garay are defensive tackles. Defensive tackles that had already been filling in for injured starters like Dusty Dvoracek and Tommie Harris. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a strong possibility that Darwin Walker won’t be able to play this week as well.

The Bears currently only have 51 players on the active roster, two below the 53 player maximum.

Kinda makes you wish the Bears wouldn’t have been stupid enough to let Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott walk away, or that they weren’t so harsh with Tank Johnson.

The way the Bears defense plays against the run, I’d let Tank Johnson rape my mother before shooting her in the face as long as he could make a fucking tackle.

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